Thoroughbred Racing Highlights (1971-1979)


Horse of the Year: Affirmed
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Affirmed, Waya
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Spectacular Bid, Davona Dale
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Rockhill Native, Smart Angle
Champion Turf Male, Female: Bowl Game, Trillion
Champion Sprinter: Star De Naskra
Meadowlands Cup (10/18): Spectacular Bid, Smarten Valdez
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/7): Three Troikas, Le Marmot, Troy
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/6): youtube Affirmed, Spectacular Bid, Coastal
Woodward Stakes (9/22): Affirmed, Coastal, Czaravich
Marlboro Cup (9/8): youtube Spectacular Bid, General Assembly, Coastal
Travers Stakes (8/18): General Assembly, Smarten, Private Account
Whitney Handicap (8/4): Star De Naskra, Cox's Ridge, The Liberal Member
Suburban Handicap (7/4): State Dinner, Mr. Brea, Alydar
Hollywood Gold Cup (6/24): youtube Affirmed, Sirlad, Text
Nassau County Handicap (6/17): Alydar, Nasty And Bold, Sorry Lookin
Belmont Stakes (6/9): youtube Coastal, Golden Act, Spectacular Bid
Metropolitan Handicap (5/28): State Dinner, Dr. Patches, Sorry Lookin
Californian Stakes (5/20): Affirmed, Syncopate, Harry's Love
Preakness Stakes (5/19): youtube Spectacular Bid, Golden Act, Screen King
Kentucky Derby (5/5): youtube Spectacular Bid, General Assembly, Golden Act
Carter Handicap (5/5): Star De Naskra, Alydar, Sensitive Prince
Blue Grass Stakes (4/26): youtube Spectacular Bid, Lot O'Gold, Bishop's Choice
Oaklawn Handicap (4/13): San Juan Hill, Alydar, A Letter To Harry
Flamingo Stakes (3/24): Spectacular Bid, Strike The Min, Sir Ivor Again
Florida Derby (3/6): Spectacular Bid, Lot O'Gold, Fantasy 'N Reality
Santa Anita Handicap (3/4): youtube Affirmed, Tiller, Exceller/Painted Wagon
Fountain Of Youth Stakes (2/19): Spectacular Bid, Lot O'Gold, Bishop's Choice
Hutcheson Stakes (2/7): Spectacular Bid, Lot O'Gold, Northern Prospect
Strub Stakes (2/4): Affirmed, Johnny's Image, Quip
San Fernando Stakes (1/20): Radar Ahead, Affirmed, Little Reb
Malibu Stakes (1/7): Little Reb, Radar Ahead, Affirmed


Horse of the Year: Affirmed
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Seattle Slew, Late Bloomer
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Affirmed, Tempest Queen
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Spectacular Bid, Candy Eclair / It's In The Air
Champion Turf Horse: Mac Diarmida
Champion Sprinter: Dr. Patches / J. O. Tobin
Heritage Stakes (11/11): Spectacular Bid, Sun Watcher, Terrific Son
Stuyvesant Handicap (11/11): youtube Seattle Slew, Jumping Hill, Wise Philip
Laurel Futurity (10/28): Spectacular Bid, General Assembly, Clever Trick
Young America Stakes (10/19): Spectacular Bid, Strike Your Colors, Instrument Landing
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/14): youtube Exceller, Seattle Slew, Great Contractor
Champagne Stakes (10/8): Spectacular Bid, General Assembly, Crest Of The Wave
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/1): Alleged, Trillion, Dancing Maid
Woodward Stakes (9/30): youtube Seattle Slew, Exceller, It's Freezing
Marlboro Cup (9/16): youtube Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Nasty And Bold
Patterson Handicap (9/5): youtube Dr. Patches, Seattle Slew, It's Freezing
Travers Stakes (8/19): chart youtube Alydar, Affirmed, Nasty And Bold
Jim Dandy Stakes (8/8): Affirmed, Sensitive Prince, Addison
Whitney Handicap (8/5): youtube Alydar, Buckaroo, Father Hogan
Arlington Classic (7/22): Alydar, Chief Of Dixieland, Gordie H.
Belmont Stakes (6/10): chart youtube Affirmed, Alydar, Darby Creek Road
Metropolitan Handicap (5/29): Cox's Ridge, Buckfinder, Quiet Little Table
Preakness Stakes (5/20): chart youtube Affirmed, Alydar, Believe It
Kentucky Derby (5/6): chart youtube Affirmed, Alydar, Believe It
Kentucky Derby (5/6): chart youtube Affirmed, Alydar, Believe It
Blue Grass Stakes (4/27): youtube Alydar, Raymond Earl, Go Forth
Hollywood Derby (4/16): Affirmed, Think Snow, Radar Ahead
Santa Anita Derby (4/2): youtube Affirmed, Balzac, Think Snow
Florida Derby (4/1): Alydar, Believe It, Dr. Valeri
San Felipe Stakes (3/18): Affirmed, Chance Dancer, Tampoy
Santa Anita Handicap (3/5): Vigors, Mr. Redoy, Jumping Hill
Flamingo Stakes (3/4): youtube Alydar, Noon Time Spender, Dr. Valeri


Horse of the Year: Seattle Slew
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Forego, Cascapedia
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Seattle Slew, Our Mims
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Affirmed, Lakeville Miss
Champion Turf Horse: Johnny D.
Champion Sprinter: What A Summer
Remsen Stakes (11/26): Believe It, Alydar, Quadratic
Laurel Futurity (10/29): youtube Affirmed, Alydar, Star De Naskra
Canadian International (10/23): Exceller, Majestic Light, Johnny D.
Champagne Stakes (10/15): youtube Alydar, Affirmed, Darby Creek Road
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/15): On The Sly, Great Contractor, Cox's Ridge
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/2): Alleged, Balmerino, Crystal Palace
Marlboro Cup (10/1): Proud Birdie, Private Thoughts, Crystal Water
Woodward Stakes (9/17): Forego, Silver Series, Great Contractor
Futurity Stakes (9/10): youtube Affirmed, Alydar, Nasty And Bold
Hopeful Stakes (8/27): youtube Affirmed, Alydar, Regal And Royal
Travers Stakes (8/20): Jatski, Run Dusty Run, Silver Series
Sanford Stakes (8/17): Affirmed, Tilt Up, Jet Diplomacy
Sapling Stakes (8/13): Alydar, Noon Time Spender, Dominant Ruler
Whitney Handicap (8/6): Nearly On Time, American History, Dancing Gun
Tremont Stakes (7/27): Alydar, Believe It, Jet Diplomacy
Hollywood Juvenile Championship (7/23): Affirmed, He's Dewan, Esops Foibles
Great American Stakes (7/6): youtube Alydar, Affirmed, Going Investor
Swaps Stakes (7/3): youtube J.O. Tobin, Affiliate, Text
Youthful Stakes (6/15): youtube Affirmed, Wood Native, Sensitive Nose
Belmont Stakes (6/11): youtube Seattle Slew, Run Dusty Run, Sanhedrin
Metropolitan Handicap (5/30): Forego, Co Host, Full Out
Preakness Stakes (5/21): youtube Seattle Slew, Iron Constitution, Run Dusty Run
Kentucky Derby (5/7): youtube Seattle Slew, Run Dusty Run, Sanhedrin
Wood Memorial (4/23): youtube Seattle Slew, Sanhedrin, Catalan
Flamingo Stakes (3/26): youtube Seattle Slew, Giboulee, Fort Prevel
Santa Anita Handicap (3/6): Crystal Water, Faliraki, King Pellinore


Horse of the Year: Forego
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Forego, Proud Delta
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Bold Forbes, Revidere
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Seattle Slew, Sensational
Champion Turf Horse: Youth
Champion Sprinter: My Juliet
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/23): Great Contractor, Appassionato, Revidere
Champagne Stakes (10/16): youtube Seattle Slew, For The Moment, Sail To Rome
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/3): Ivanjica, Crow, Youth
Marlboro Cup (10/2): youtube Forego, Honest Pleasure, Father Hogan
Woodward Stakes (9/18): Forego, Dance Spell, Honest Pleasure / Stumping
Travers Stakes (8/21): Honest Pleasure, Romeo, Dance Spell
Whitney Handicap (8/7): Dancing Gun, American History, Erwin Boy
Belmont Stakes (6/5): Bold Forbes, McKenzie Bridge, Great Contractor
Metropolitan Handicap (5/31): Forego, Master Derby, Lord Rebeau
Preakness Stakes (5/15): Elocutionist, Play The Red, Bold Forbes
Kentucky Derby (5/1): Bold Forbes, Honest Pleasure, Elocutionist
Santa Anita Handicap (3/7): Royal Glint, Ancient Title, Lightning Mandate


Horse of the Year: Forego
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Forego, Susan's Girl
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Wajima, Ruffian
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Honest Pleasure, Precious
Champion Turf Horse: Snow Knight
Champion Sprinter: Gallant Bob
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/25): Group Plan, Wajima, Outdoors
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/5): Star Appeal, On My Way, Comtesse De Loir
Woodward Stakes (9/27): Forego, Wajima, Group Plan
Marlboro Cup (9/13): Wajima, Forego, Ancient Title
Travers Stakes (8/16): Wajima, Media, Prince Thou Art
Whitney Handicap (8/2): Ancient Title, Group Plan, Arbees Boy
Match Race (7/6): youtube Foolish Pleasure, Ruffian
Coaching Club American Oaks (6/21): youtube Ruffian, Equal Change, Let Me Linger
Belmont Stakes (6/7): Avatar, Foolish Pleasure, Master Derby
Mother Goose Stakes (5/31): youtube Ruffian, Sweet Old Girl, Sun And Snow
Metropolitan Handicap (5/26): Gold And Myrrh, Stop The Music, Forego
Preakness Stakes (5/17): Master Derby, Foolish Pleasure, Diabolo
Acorn Stakes (5/10): youtube Ruffian, Somethingregal, Gallant Trial
Kentucky Derby (5/3): Foolish Pleasure, Avatar, Diabolo
Santa Anita Handicap (3/9): Stardust Mel, Out Of The East, Okavango


Horse of the Year: Forego
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Forego, Desert Vixen
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Little Current, Chris Evert
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Foolish Pleasure, Ruffian
Champion Turf Horse: Dahlia
Champion Sprinter: Forego
Jockey Club Gold Cup (11/9): Forego, Copte, Group Plan
Vosburgh Stakes (10/19): Forego, Stop The Music, Prince Dantan
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/6): Allez France, Comtesse De Loir, Margouillat
Woodward Stakes (9/28): Forego, Arbee's Boy, Group Plan
Marlboro Cup (9/14): Big Spruce, Arbee's Boy, Forego
Travers Stakes (8/17): Holding Pattern, Little Current, Chris Evert
Whitney Handicap (8/3): Tri Jet, Infuriator, Stop The Music
Belmont Stakes (6/8): Little Current, Jolly Johu, Cannonade
Metropolitan Handicap (5/27): Arbee's Boy, Forego, Timeless Moment
Preakness Stakes (5/18): Little Current, Neapolitan Way, Cannonade
Kentucky Derby (5/4): Cannonade, Hudson County, Agitate
Santa Anita Handicap (3/10): Prince Dantan, Ancient Title, Big Spruce
Donn Handicap (2/9): Forego, True Knight, Proud And Bold


Horse of the Year: Secretariat
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Riva Ridge, Susan's Girl
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Secretariat, Desert Vixen
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Protagonist, Talking Picture
Champion Turf Horse: Secretariat
Champion Sprinter: Shecky Greene
Canadian International (10/28): Secretariat, Big Spruce, Golden Don
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/27): Prove Out, Loud, Twice A Prince
Man o' War Stakes (10/8): youtube Secretariat, Tentam, Big Spruce
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/7): Rheingold, Allez France, Hard To Beat
Woodward Stakes (9/29): Prove Out, Secretariat, Cougar II
Marlboro Cup (9/15): youtube Secretariat, Riva Ridge, Cougar II
Travers Stakes (8/18): Annihilate 'Em, Stop The Music, See The Jaguar
Whitney Handicap (8/4): youtube Onion, Secretariat, Rule By Reason
Arlington Invitational (6/30): youtube Secretariat, My Gallant, Our Native
Belmont Stakes (6/9): news youtube Secretariat, Twice A Prince, My Gallant
Metropolitan Handicap (5/28): Tentam, key To The Mint, King's Bishop
Preakness Stakes (5/19): news youtube Secretariat, Sham, Our Native
Kentucky Derby (5/5): news youtube Secretariat, Sham, Our Native
Wood Memorial (4/21): Angle Light, Sham, Secretariat
Gotham Stakes (4/7): youtube Secretariat, Champagne Charlie, Flush
Bay Shore Stakes (3/17): youtube Secretariat, Champagne Charlie, Impecunious
Santa Anita Handicap (3/10): Cougar II, Kennedy Road, Cabin


Horse of the Year: Secretariat
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Autobiography, Typecast
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Key To The Mint, Susan's Girl
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Secretariat, La Prevoyante
Champion Turf Horse: Cougar II
Champion Sprinter: Chou Croute
Garden State Futurity (11/18): Secretariat, Angle Light, Step Nicely
Laurel Futurity (10/28): Secretariat, Stop The Music, Angle Light
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/28): Autobiography, Key To The Mint, Riva Ridge
Champagne Stakes (10/14): Stop The Music, Secretariat, Step Nicely
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/8): San San, Rescousse, Homeric
Woodward Stakes (9/30): Key To The Mint, Autobiography, Summer Guest
Futurity Stakes (9/16): youtube Secretariat, Stop The Music, Swift Courier
Hopeful Stakes (8/26): Secretariat, Flight To Glory, Stop The Music
Travers Stakes (8/19): Key To The Mint, Tentam, True Knight
Sanford Stakes (8/16): Secretariat, Linda's Chief, Northstar Dancer
Whitney Handicap (8/5): Key To The Mint, Tunex, Loud
Belmont Stakes (6/10): youtube Riva Ridge, Ruritania, Cloudy Dawn
Metropolitan Handicap (5/29): Executioner, Bold Reasoning
Preakness Stakes (5/20): Bee Bee Bee, No Le Hace, Key To The Mint
Kentucky Derby (5/6): youtube Riva Ridge, No Le Hace, Hold Your Peace
Santa Anita Handicap (3/11): Triple Bend, Cougar II, Unconscious


Horse of the Year: Ack Ack
Champion Handicap Male, Female: Ack Ack, Shuvee
Champion 3yo Male, Female: Canonero II, Turkish Trousers
Champion 2yo Male, Female: Riva Ridge, Numbered Account
Champion Turf Horse: Run The Gauntlet
Champion Sprinter: Ack Ack
Jockey Club Gold Cup (10/30): Shuvee, Paraje, Loud
Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe (10/3): Mill Reef, Pistol Packer, Cambrizzia
Woodward Stakes (10/2): West Coast Scout, Tinajero, Cougar II
Travers Stakes (8/21): Bold Reason, West Coast Scout, Good Counsel
Whitney Handicap (8/7): Protanto, Peace Corps, Shuvee
Belmont Stakes (6/5): Pass Catcher, Jim French, Bold Reason
Preakness Stakes (5/15): Canonero II, Eastern Fleet, Jim French
Kentucky Derby (5/1): Canonero II, Jim French, Bold Reason
Santa Anita Handicap (3/13): Ack Ack, Cougar II, The Field